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ikona chrániče A-EV

Protector A-EV

We have developed our own RCD A-EV type RCD, which is equipped with AC and DC detection.

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Since 2018, all charging cables with electronics must use it as residual current protection. For wall-mounted home chargers or outdoor chargers, these requirements were even earlier. Our advantages include quick and flexible reaction to safety and other changes in the field, monitoring of correct functionality in various types of distribution networks in the world, small dimensions of the protector and the whole product and last but not least lower price compared to similar competing products.

ikona nabíjecího kabelu

Charging cables

Our line of smart charging cables SPARKLINE is a highly durable, powerful and functional way to charge your electric car anywhere, anytime.

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Strong aluminum enclosure with IP65 protection is able to survive rain, fall or run over, quality wires from proven manufacturers are resistant to mechanical bending damage and time degradation. The higher SPARKLINE range allows charging up to 22kw depending on vehicle and network. Our smart cables have undergone many tests and are constantly being improved, so we can afford to provide a 4-year warranty for product defects. Our Eshop

ikona nabíjecí stanice

Charging station

Our production portfolio also includes small smart charging stations (wallboxes) designed for private or corporate charging of electric vehicles.

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They are particularly suitable where there is a need for regular charging, ie in personal garages, underground public garages, corporate and public car parks or department stores and offices. Our WallBoxes are designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be equipped with electronics capable of charging multiple cars at the same time. The control electronics of our WallBox have many extra functions for an extra charge, especially: connection to EVMAPA system, automatic wireless regulation of charging current according to the total consumption of the building, current consumption measurement, data communication with superior system etc. wishes and needs of our customers. Relatively simple to install, easy to operate, varying in size and performance (depending on your own configuration), makes the station an extension to the charging infrastructure wherever you think.

ikona kufříku

B2B cooperation

We cooperate with a number of partners dealing with electromobility in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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For our business partners, we develop and manufacture mainly EVSE for integration into their charging stations. These EVSEs can be controlled by both data communication and logic signals or analog voltage levels. More information in B2B section.

ikona elektrického vozidla


All our products use connectors and sockets in accordance with AC charging standards.

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These are Type 2 connectors (in the past also Type 1) in both 1-phase and 3-phase versions. We support both 16A and 32A. Other variants available on request.

ikona kalkulačky

Standards and tests

Our charging cables and control electronics for charging stations meet the requirements of Czech and international standards.

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When designing our equipment, we are mainly based on standard 61851 and other related standards and regulations.


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